Volvo Executive Test-Drive

Volvo was looking to engage executives and leaders of industry to experience the all-new S90 & XC90 Hybrid models, so we invited them utilize our turnkey and proprietary Executive Test-Drive Program...the results were phenomenal.

Volvo joined our proprietary test-drive experience so they could reach and teach. Our program enables luxury automotive companies to "reach" their desired demographic by bringing the dealership to the clients place of work, rather than having them spend their precious time visiting a dealership. Our program also allows brands to "teach" prospective clients about their new vehicle designs, technology, and most importantly...puts the right bums in the seat.

We ran this program for Volvo in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal...resulting in over 200 executive test-drives in just 4 months. This program was very valuable to Volvo because we successfully reintroduced the brand to those that remembered it as a "safety first" car, when in fact the brand has moved towards a more luxury look and feel.