TerrAscend (CNSX: TER), a publicly traded company, was looking for a full rebrand of their logo, identity, website (www.terrascend.com), and all accompanying assets and collateral. The goal was to showcase their thought-leadership and advancement in business to their investor base. After digging in the creative crates, we came up with something powerful and fitting, something that will help set their course to cannabis industry dominance.

TerrAscend is a biopharmaceutical and wellness company that is committed to quality products, brands and services for the global cannabinoid market. The Company also provides support to medical consumers through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Solace Health Inc., a licensed producer of medical cannabis under the ACMPR and Terra Health Network Inc., a clinical support program and education platform led by healthcare professionals. TerrAscend was looking for a full rebrand of logo, identity, website, and all assets and collateral. The identity of the brand needed to relay a professional and curated message in a sector that is getting overly saturated with "me too" branding. The branding needed to be strong and powerful, yet not overly eager or arrogant. The logo of the arrow point up is indicative of the words "terra" and "ascend" or rising up from the earth. The earth-tone colour palette indicates that they are in the cannabis business, a plant grown from the soil. We did what we do...and delivered a unique, timeless and fitting brand that they can be proud of as they march down the path to cannabis industry dominance!