Solace Health

Solace Health was looking for a turnkey branding, identity, copywriting, print collateral and website development strategy. The end game was to develop and execute this strategy, along with two CPG house brands, so that they could successfully launch their ACMPR approved medical cannabis marketplace ( to the Canadian market in spring of 2018. Well, they came to the right place!

The Solace Health Marketplace is a one-stop hub for medical patients to access information and support regarding the use of medical cannabis and offers cannabis products with varying cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The Solace Health Marketplace will also offer registered patients the ability to buy cannabis accessories, and a same-day delivery option for patients within the Greater Toronto Area, to support patients’ journey to wellness. We were fortunate to work closely with the Solace Health team to provide them a full-service solution including the strategy, branding, identity, copywriting, packaging and labelling design, print collateral and website design / development.

The website was especially unique in that we developed our own proprietary API that seamlessly links with their seed-to-sale software, which allowed for a more efficient product uploading and maintenance process. We think we hit the design out of the park and provided them the most functional, intuitive, and fully integrated website in the Canadian cannabis market to date!