Pike Creek

Pike Creek is a craft whisky matured in the erratic Canadian Climate giving it a fragrant, spicy and complex flavor. Pike Creek partnered with the Grand Slam of Curling, among the largest and most prestigious events in the curling world. Pike Creek aimed to inspire Canadians to go outside their comfort zone and embrace a craft Whisky that was created by the elements.

Pike Creek needed creative and marketing assets to create conversation and awareness among its target consumers. DECK produced video creative that targeted male whisky consumers by channelling the adventurous spirit of one of Canada’s greatest past-times.

DECK Agency wrote, filmed and produced two video spots to heighten brand awareness and spawn brand loyalty through conversation. DECK’s commercials for Pike Creek Whisky aired on National Television in partnership with Rogers Sportsnet reaching an audience of 3.5 million people.

DECK also created display Ads for GSOC.com and SN.ca/curling and strategically placed ad units to drive maximum engagement. The campaign delivered 500,00+ impressions and a clickthrough rate of 0.13%, more than double the industry average.