J.P. Wiser's

J.P. Wiser's, Canada's oldest producer of whisky, was looking to further establish themselves within the Canadian marketplace and amplify brand presence with the nationwide launch of the brand’s first ready-to-serve Old Fashioned and ‘Hold It High’ campaign – a user generated campaign designed to celebrate friendships. DECK was hired to help strategize on the concept, create visibility and maximize brand awareness amongst a targeted demographic. We successfully achieved this through a series of strategic PR and XM programs and events, as well as generating meaningful conversation amongst top tier media and social influencers.

DECK created and executed a targeted media relations plan to introduce the launch of the ‘Hold It High’ campaign aligned with the Old Fashioned product release. By way of a creative press kit, press release, and the first XM event, DECK reached all targeted spirits media, lifestyle media, and social influencers across multiple platforms.

For the brand's first XM program, DECK created, designed and produced an interactive brand experience that allowed consumers to sample to new product release in a custom pop-up bar, and then toast their friends to ‘Hold It High’ in a fun, customized recording studio. Through fully-integrated creatives, we launched a custom fabricated shipping container at a private location on the evening of Nuit Blanche. This location served as the pop-up environment where the brand was exposed to a high volume of foot traffic which helped build brand affiliation, affection and awareness.


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